The New Colossus at Knight Theatre

The New Colossus Tickets

Knight Theatre at Levine Center for the Arts | Charlotte, NC

It is finally here: the night every fan has been waiting for: The New Colossus is coming to Charlotte. And they say dreams don’t come true. Well, this February they sure will! Get ready, this will be an event everyone will be talking about! And what a better place for such an epic Sunday night to take place than Knight Theatre: the North Carolina favorite venue. Fans from all over the country are gathering to witness something they may never forget: their favorite The New Colossus, and believe us, you will want to be one of them, as this supreme night of entertainment will be all Charlotte talks about. Tickets are selling out fast, so make sure you get yours by clicking the button above and becoming one of the lucky people to see The New Colossus at Knight Theatre this Sunday 2nd February 2020 !

The New Colossus at Knight Theatre

The best local and national stars like The New Colossus don’t perform at just any location. For stars like them, only the greatest venues throughout the country will do and that’s why Knight Theatre was picked to host The New Colossus and their Sunday 2nd February 2020 premiere. That’s because Knight Theatre has been designed with fantastic sound and lighting engineering that keeps you a part of the experience no matter how far you are from the performance. The high-capacity stands also come with the very best in comfortable seating making your visit a tranquil experience. Knight Theatre is also nicely located close to some of the supreme restaurants and bars in the state for those fans of shows that want dinner and drinks before or after the show. When you put this together this with the convenient parking available to fans just a few yards away, it’s easy to see why Knight Theatre is the best place to be in Charlotte. So ensure you don’t miss out! Click the Buy Tickets button below to order your tickets, today.

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